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Why a Body Oil? Why a Body Oil?

What is a Body Oil? A Body Oil is used on the skin as a moisturiser and is highly recommended as a skincare product for those su..

Why a Body Butter? Why a Body Butter?

    What is a Body Butter? Body Butters are a thick moisturising cream, designed to provide long-lasting inten..

Why a Cream? Why a Cream?

The stalwart in our beauty regimes, the Face Cream has been around as far as we can remember, but is it still as good as the newcome..

Why a Serum? Why a Serum?

The Rolls Royce of the cosmetic world, the Serum is probably one of the most expensive products in your skincare regime; however, is..

Why a Scrub? Why a Scrub?

There is nothing nicer than using a luxurious body scrub while having a pamper session at home. Apart from the obvious, making your ..

Why a Lotion? Why a Lotion?

Whether you use a cream, body butter, serum or lotion, they all have multiple benefits for the skin; however they are very different..

Why a Gel? Why a Gel?

    When it comes to Gel moisturisers – SBC are the experts. 25 years ago the first gel moisturiser was created ..