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"I just had to write to praise you on your FANTASTIC SERVICE. I have placed two orders with yourselves recently and although you dont charge postage I always receive them promptly and I like the way they are sent by signed for delivery for extra piece of mind. I absolutely ADORE your gels. Keep up the good work."

"I am a huge fan of your products/brand and have used them for a long time now. It is a brand I have come to know and trust. I felt I wanted to email you to say how much I enjoy your products, not only the fantastic quality and high standards but how reasonable the price is! After trying similar products I have always returned to using your products as no others compare. I am sure you appreciate customer feedback and I feel it important to let someone know when they are keeping their customers happy and satisfied. Thank you for reading."


"I've recently returned from Kenya and used the Aloe Vera Gel as after-sun everyday as well as a face moisturiser. The product wasn't sticky at all. At first when you pump it out it is a thick gel and I must admit I had second thoughts but it turns into water and sinks in immediately. Usually when abroad I suffer from prickly heat and I believe this product helped keep that at bay also. Obviously it was a god send on my holiday but now I've returned I always seem to dip in and out of it. It cools, soothes and calms. The uses you can find for it are endless."

"I took the Aloe Vera Gel on holiday to Canaries instead of using after-sun, my hubby and daughter love this gel as it is so quickly absorbed and non sticky. Only had a couple of occasions where we had wind burn but after using this gel - no problems, skin calmed down very quickly. Skin is really moisturised and helps keep your tan longer, no peeling or prickly heat either."


"I have two total knee replacements which are doing well however in the cold weather they really stiffen up and I have a job getting up the stairs at night. Since using the Arnica gel I have had no problems whatsoever. My husband suffers from itchy skin and I put some on him which soothed it straight away. Would recommend to anyone with no hesitation."

"Arnica gel is the best remedy for so many things. I use it on my frozen shoulder which really eases stiffness. I used it earlier this year, externally, after a tooth extraction - I still bruised but the pain was minimal (didn't use any painkillers after the anaesthetic wore off). For hormonal headaches it is fantastic. I smother my forehead and temples with a thick layer and as it sinks in it seems to take the headache away. Also great for whole family's aches and pains and bruising. Will not be without it."

"The Arnica gel and shower gel compliment each other, I use them after I exercise, for my aches and pains. For my ankle sprains it is the best ever."

"I'm currently training for my 3rd marathon and rely on my Arnica gel for soothing the aches and pains of training."

"I bought the Arnica gel for my grandmother a few years ago to sooth the pain of her arthritis. It actually did help. I was quite surprised as she used to be in so much pain with it I didn't think it would work. I was so pleased when she commented on the soothing effects of the gel."

"Arnica gel really works wonders on aches and pains, in just a few seconds. Its fast absorbing, leaves no grease. I will always have this item in my home."

"Arnica gel is fantastic for putting on bruising it takes the pain away, so this is an ideal product to use for young children and the older person. It also helped with our muscular aches and pains by massaging it into the muscles."


"I love the SBC Collagen gel because it is so easy to apply and leaves no grease or mess behind. It absorbs quickly and I am left to get on with dressing and getting ready. Before using the gel I used to struggle with moisturisers because of the grease and time taken to absorb. I would never go back to creams and lotions. Excellent product!"

"SBC products are so versatile and the Collagen Gel is my new best friend.
I have very dry skin and use body lotion daily. Even some of the best body moisturisers sit on the surface of the skin rather than being absorbed and leave it feeling sticky. For the past few months I have been mixing equal amounts of Collagen Gel to body lotion and found that this combination is more easily absorbed into the skin leaving it feeling just as nourished and smooth but without the stickiness. As SBC products are so well priced and because I am now using half the amount of my expensive moisturiser it is very economical but with double the benefits to my skin."

"This product is worth every penny. I have been using Collagen Gel for months and months as an all over body moisturiser as well as under my normal facial moisturiser and it has really reduced the appearance of my fine lines and wrinkles especially around my eyes. It is so cooling and feels quite firming. I will be re-purchasing. Rich collagen product at a bargain basement price, particularly in comparison to high street products containing only some collagen. Buy it you won't regret it!!!"

"My chest area is slightly lined due to too much sun exposure in younger years. For the last few months I have been using Collagen Gel every day, it sinks in and is lovely to use and I've noticed a big difference in the appearance of my skin."

"This Collagen Gel product is fabulous and does what it says. Used all over the face and body, it has an amazing feeling and texture and just melts away into the skin leaving no residue. Wonderful, no harm done to clothing, no smears or greasy spots."

"SBC's Collagen Gel can be applied as a non greasy all over body lotion, as a facial moisturiser or as a mask. I like to put a thick layer on before I go to bed and let it sink in. The skin literally drinks up what it needs. In the morning my skin is like silk. I have NEVER had this effect even with very expensive creams."

"The Collagen Hydra-Gel Serum is one of the best products I've used around the eyes, for expression lines on my forehead and 'my number 11' lines above my nose (believe me I've tried a lot)."

"The Collagen Hydra-Gel Serum has definitely improved the appearance of my "crows feet" eye wrinkles, which are starting to appear and generally gave my skin an extra boost."

"The Collagen Hydra-Gel Serum is excellent. I have been using it on a deep frown line and around the eyes and what a different it has made. I know they won't go but the collagen does plump them and reduce the depth."

"The Collagen Hydra-Gel Serum is the BEST product I have ever used for deep and fine lines. I noticed a difference from the first time I used it, my skin feels great and looks radiant."


"SBC Calendula gel is a really useful product. I've used it on my son for prickly heat - he hates putting creams etc. on but was much happier with the gel and was surprised how well it worked. I use it after gardening for minor scratches and irritation and it works almost straight away, calming and soothing my skin."

"My daughter has very itchy skin on her back which is unbearable. Doctors have been unable to diagnose the cause and have prescribed numerous lotions that do not work. The only thing that works and offers instant relief is SBC Calendula gel. This product is fantastic and I cannot be without it and purchase several at a time. It is also very useful on general scratches, itches, etc."

"I used your Leg Soothing gel in the evening and was amazed how it made the aches go away."

"The Leg Soothing gel really helps after a day at work."

"The cooling Leg Soothing gel I used to my friend's delight when she asked for a reflexology treatment for her 'poor aching feet'!! She loved the soothing properties of the leg gel."


"Love all SBC products; had a bad dose of flu over New Year and used the Echinacea gel on chest and throat; great comforter."


"I recently entered a competition on the Beauty Guild website and was lucky enough to win a prize from your company. It arrived today and I am totally delighted. I have already used the Cucumber Eye gel on one of my clients and she said it was wonderful. I will be going onto your website to look at other products and would really like to thank you for the generous prize."

"I used your Cucumber gel on a sore eye as a compress and the pain went away. Ive also used this on my hands as I suffer from eczema and the gel helped the pain and redness on them also."

"I bought the 3-in-1 Facial Cleanser and Facial Exfoliating gel for myself and daughters to use, lovely feel left on skin afterwards and reasonably priced for the whole family to use."

"3-in-1 Facial Cleanser and Facial Exfoliating gel does what it says and more, my skin was left soft, smooth, it did not scratch or leave my skin dry at all, no irritation of any kind."

"Absolutely beautiful to feel against my face. I am 52 and have very sensitive skin but have no problems with the 3-in-1 Facial Cleanser and Facial Exfoliating gel products. My daughter of 21 also feels the same, delicious smell too."

“My current ‘day cream’ and favourite is the Vitamin C gel. It's perfect under makeup (my makeup stays all day with no need to touch-up my t-zone anymore at midday!!). The dreadful monthly acne/cyst-like breakouts I used to get along my jaw line are nearly gone since I've used this gel.”

“The Vitamin E gel is perfect for blemishes. I use it under make up. My skin has never been so glowing and smooth with even skin tone.”

“I love to use the Vitamin E gel under my moisturiser perfect to help protect the skin for the day beautiful to use too. It is a great neck gel to apply in the morning and collagen gel at night, really helps to keep it looking good I find. Excellent value, would totally recommend to anyone, love it! Thanks to SBC I now have a beautiful range to choose from.”

"Once again another excellent product from SBC. Vitamin E gel can be used on its own or all over the body as a great moisturiser but I find this product is really effective when mixed with other SBC products. Mixed with Collagen gel its an excellent face moisturiser/mask that plumps out skin while smoothing and with Propolis gel to use on tops of arms if you suffer from that rough skin texture."


"I suffer from sensitive, irritated skin. I have tried many gels and creams over the years and from the first time I used these products my skin felt soothed and calm. The smell is heady and floral and really lovely. For the first time I can go all day without scratching and rubbing my skin, SBC has worked where other medicinal products have failed. I would not be without them now, the shower wash and gel have been a life saver."

"This gel has become my new No. 1 cannot live without it, I use it everyday. I have been having some tropical moments of late as well as the ongoing monthly issues but when I apply this gel it just makes me feel better/calm so this one I cannot be without. This really is fab !!!!"

"I bought this gel to complement the shower crème. I am soooo glad I did! It is a fabulous gel which the skin literally seems to drink up! It is great for dry areas, and leaves skin feeling refreshed, soft and lightly scented with a beautiful aroma! Absolutely perfect for those of us who dont usually wear perfume, but like a lovely background aroma that doesnt overpower you. Used with the shower creme it is a glorious treat that I can afford to use on a daily basis! How wonderful! For anyone who hasnt used SBC products before, I would say, go ahead and try them. The gels are fabulous, just sinks in to the skin without leaving any residue or stickiness. You can put clothes on immediately after using it. And it really DOES do what they say it will, PLUS MUCH MORE! Try it now and start benefitting from it! I am certainly glad that I did! And now my family and some friends use it too! A great gift for anyone you feel deserves a bit of pampering - and don’t forget yourself!"

"This is the first time I have ever written a review on a product, although I buy a lot of beauty products. The gel is absolutely marvellous I cannot talk highly enough about it. The aroma is lovely and it lingers throughout the day but the main quality as a moisturiser certainly is well worth 5 stars. The gel sinks into the skin leaving it velvety smooth and moist. It is especially good for woman of that age!! and I fine it very cooling on the skin. The appearance of the skin is great, really plump and healthy, I love your products SBC"


"I love the Lavender gel, I put it on my temples and under my nose when I get worked up, it really helps to make me calm."

"The Lavender & Water Lily shower creme not only smells divine but its very gentle even on my sensitive skin; and is not drying either. I suffer from bouts of eczema but have had no outbreaks using this shower creme. Of course, different skins can have different reactions but I've not suffered any problems."


"The Propolis gel is my life saver when I get sore areas or spots, it helped me with a very painful area on my lower eye lid with no stinging and in a day took the swelling down."

"Propolis gel is great for making burns disappear within two weeks and for soothing stressed skin, be it spots or Rosacea."

"The Propolis gel is excellent used on the body two weeks before going on holiday to warm places to prevent prickly heat. I have always suffered from this but since using Propolis have not had it once."

"I have used this on insect bites and it soothes them like nothing else I have ever tried, the smell is quite different too I quite liked it which is always an added bonus when using beauty products and also use this when I get the occasional spot."

"Propolis gel is brilliant for minor scalds and grazes. I find it particularly good to use on cold sores. Unlike tea tree oil, Propolis does not sting when you apply it to a cold sore, it cools the area and I've found it really aids healing. I have sensitive skin which is prone to eczema and this gel really soothes while adding moisture."


"5 Out of 5! Very pleased with both the Customer Service and the Products. (SBC Body Superfruits Body Butter). Will purchase again."

"I was amazed at the results after trying the Body Butter, they were brilliant. I was astonished, my skin was cracking and bleeding at times but not anymore, the fragrance is not over powering either, I love SBC products, I have tried many other very expensive makes but they do not compare"

"SBC have done it again considering that they are known for their gels, this body butter is just as good if not better than some of the top ranges and smells lovely and fruity but not strong enough to cancel out your perfume. The butter sinks straight into your skin leaving it soft and silky without leaving an oily residue so you can get dressed straight away without marking your clothes. Would also recommend the Super Fruits Body Scrub to accompany this product."

"Wonderful value, the Body Butter will last for ages. Most importantly the product is absolutely lovely - strong fruity smell at first which very quickly settles to a lovely fragrance and its keeping my very dry skin soft and supple. This also makes an excellent hand cream when you have finished coating your body and is non-greasy. I have tried all the expensive ones but my advice to all is - save your hard earned money and buy this one as its better!! Love it."