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Q – Do SBC products contain Alcohol?

A – Some SBC products do contain Alcohol or Denatured Alcohol (Alcohol Denat.). Our website (www.sbcgels.co.uk) features full ingredient lists for every product.

It is important to consider that some ingredients within our products, such as fruit extracts and essential oils, already contain Alcohol as a natural constituent. The Alcohol content within these extracts and oils are in such small quantities that they don't damage the acid mantle (the skin's natural oily cover) and can even offer very mild disinfectant and cooling benefits, helping to keep the skin sterile, particularly for those that may not have a good skincare regime and could already have bacteria on their skin prior to applying any product.

The percentages of Alcohol or Alcohol Denat. in SBC skincare are small enough for there to be no negative impact when applied to the skin. Alcohol is not exclusively bad for the skin, as long as the quantities used are well regulated, which is something we pride ourselves in doing and greatly consider during the formulation stages of all our products.

Alcohol is also used as a preservative, again at a very low percentage. However, it is worth noting that any Beauty product containing water requires some sort of preservative system, otherwise microbial growth will occur, causing the product to deteriorate rapidly, which would stop the products efficacy and would risk the potential growth of pathogenic organisms. Not all preservatives are bad for the skin. SBC stabilises some of our products with very carefully measured amounts of botanically derived alcohols, using just enough to maintain the product without having a negative impact. Balance is key!

Our philosophy has always been to create skincare that is good for the skin. We are renowned for our use of natural ingredients; therefore, we wouldn't include anything that counter-acted the benefits these natural extracts offer. We strongly believe that it is vital our products are safe to use.



Q – How does the Collagen work?

A –The type of Collagen protein present in our skin is a tough fibrous structure which creates a scaffold/firming/plumping effect on our skin.  The Collagen protein present in SBC products mimics our own Collagen.  The Collagen molecules, along with other moisturising ingredients, help to hydrate the skin whilst ensuring a reduction in epidermal moisture loss.  This may result in a reduction of the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dehydration.

We use Marine Collagen in our products because of the molecular compatibility (very similar to humans) and enhanced efficacy.  Unfortunately, Plant Collagen is not as effective as Marine Collagen when it comes to skin applications.  The marine extracts used in our formulations come from the skin of fish already obtained for human consumption by approved providers and, as such, our products are cruelty free as we do not fish to produce our products.

Collagen does not occur naturally in plants. The ‘Collagen’ derived from plants is known as ‘Pseudocollagen’ which is often a Yeast Extract, found in our Body Butter, and is intended to mimic the effect of Collagen.

The Collagen extracts found within each SBC Collagen product will vary depending on the formulation and manufacturing process; the extract is chosen to ensure it has the highest efficacy within a particular formulation and remains stable. For example, you will see that the Collagen Body Butter contains Pseudocollagen; this is due to the Body Butter undergoing a ‘Hot Fill’ process, which would damage other types of Collagen extract. In this case, Pseudocollagen has been chosen as its quality is maintained throughout the manufacturing process.

Q – Why does the Collagen Hydra-Gel Serum contain more Collagen than the Collagen Skincare Gel?

A - The Collagen Hydra-Gel Serum contains a higher concentration of Collagen extract in addition to the molecular structure of the formulation being smaller, thus allowing it to penetrate deeper into the skin. We suggest using our Collagen Skincare Gel as an everyday moisturiser for the face and body, and combine this with the use of the Collagen Hydra-Gel Serum to concentrate on particular areas of concern that need a boost of hydration; e.g. around the eyes and mouth.



Q – What are the percentages of the extracts within your products?

A – It is not our policy to disclose confidential formula information.  However, you can rest assured that all extracts are pure and throughout the development process of every product, we ensure that the most appropriate levels of ingredients are used in order to achieve the level of efficacy that is desired and required from our products.

It is also important to note that the key to a great product is not always due to it having high percentages of active ingredients. The success comes from having a supportive formulation to maintain the quality and efficacy of the active ingredients. No matter how high the level of actives present in the product, an incorrect formulation can seriously hinder the product’s performance, thus making the active ingredients null and void. Some Beauty products are even formulated with high percentages of other ingredients that provide no benefit to the product’s performance, but simply ‘bulk’ up the formulation with ‘dead weight’.

We are conscious in the fact that all the ingredients within our products are present for a reason and our formulations are designed to support every ingredient and extract.


Q – Can you use SBC products if you are Lactose Intolerant?

A – All our products are safety assessed and are classified as harmless. Usually, Lactose intolerance occurs with ingestion. The structure of Lactose changes during a manufacturing process, however, we always advise on patch testing when using a product for the first time.  If severe allergies are present we would recommend a skin dermatologist/GP to be contacted to determine if this would affect the allergy as it is dependent on an individual basis.

*please note, the SBC Cotton Collection contains Lactis Proteinum (Milk Protein)



Q – Are there any traces of metal, such as Nickel, in SBC products?

A – None of our products have any ingredients that contain traces of metal. Our range of products has not been specifically tested for the presence of Nickel.  Nickel would not be directly added to a formulation as this is a hard metal. However, it could possibly be contained in one of the raw materials which make up the formulation, albeit at an extremely low level and certainly not at a level where an allergic reaction would be expected. We would, therefore, recommend doing a small patch test of the product on an area of skin first before applying the product to your body or required area.  With all of our gels, it is not advised to apply them to any areas of broken skin so please be mindful of this upon application.



Q – What is MIT?

A – Methylisothiazolinone, also known as MIT, is a heterocyclic organic compound that is an effective preservative in a variety of cosmetic products like shampoos, conditioners, and eye makeup removers. This compound offers antimicrobial benefits, preventing the growth and reproduction of bacteria, mould, and fungi.


Q – Is MIT dangerous?

A – The amount that we use in the product is minimal. Studies on the use of Methylisothiazolinone in personal care products attest to its safety. In 1992, the Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR), an independent panel of physicians and scientists that assesses cosmetic ingredients, thoroughly reviewed the research on Methylisothiazolinone and found it to be safe for use in personal care products at the recommended levels. All SBC products have been Safety Assessed and are confirmed safe for personal use and the use of Methylisothiazolinone in personal care products is not a safety concern for consumers. However, we are aware of the concern with this ingredient and SBC have taken action. We have reformulated all of our existing ‘leave on’ products so that they no longer contain MIT. All new SBC products being developed from 2014 onwards are being formulated without this ingredient



Q – Do SBC products contain parabens?

A – There are no parabens within SBC Skincare products.



Q – Do your products contain perfume/fragrance?

A – Fragrance is added to SBC skincare products to ensure our Collections are consistent and the majority of them are natural fragrances. Our new Cotton Collection contains an allergen-free fragrance which has been dermatologically tested, ideal for those that are sensitive to perfumes within skincare.



Q – How do you extract Propolis and is it harmful to Bees?

A - In the ecosystem, Propolis is naturally collected by worker bees from Poplar trees that produce it continually. This is a never-ending cycle. Then the Propolis is extracted from the beehives at the same time along with honey, wax, and royal jelly. Then it is separated from the pollen and purified for its use.

Bees are never hurt in the process, nor is the Queen bee. One of the purposes of bees in nature is to create all these wonderful substances for the survival of other species.

Every time the hive is cleaned after careful extraction of all these organic materials, bees repeat the cycle of collection from trees, rebuilding of new hives, and spawning new larvae which become bees again and so on.



Q – Do your SBC Skincare Gels contain salt?

A – The Sodium Chloride (Salt) in our Skincare Gels is to help carry a galvanic charge which allows our gels to be used with Galvanic machines. The percentage of the salt is minimal.



Q – Do SBC products contain SLS? (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate)

A – No they do not, with the exception of Arnica Muscle Soak and Echinacea Bath Soak which will soon be reformulated to have ALS instead of SLS. We recognise that Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) has a bad reputation in the press and that some individuals find this foaming agent irritating on their skin, particularly when it is in a high concentration, and have therefore taken the initiative to replace this ingredient with Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate (ALS) in all SBC Bath & Shower Crèmes and Bath & Shower Gels. ALS is similar to SLS, although it is considered milder on the skin. Both ingredients are derived from the same source; either Coconut or Palm Oil, or a mixture of both.



Q – Does your Arnica Shower Crème contain Soya or any Soya derived ingredients?

A – SBC Arnica Shower Crème does not contain soya or any soya derived ingredients



Q – Do your products contain any SPF?

A – No, they do not



Q – What is Squalane?

A – Squalane is a hydrogenated form of Squalene. Squalene is a naturally occurring constituent of shark liver oil and olive oil and is also found in human skin. The synthetic version that we use in our products, Squalane, is derived from a vegetable source.

The following SBC products contain Squalane:

·       Collagen Day & Night Cream

·       Collagen 3-in-1 Cleanser

·       Vitamin ACE Day & Night Cream

·       Body Sculpt Body Cream



Q – Are SBC products natural?

A – We take the best from Mother Nature and the best from science and combine it into an easily accessible formula for incomparably outstanding results and intensely rejuvenating mind and body therapy.



Q – Where is the Vitamin A derived from?

A – The Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A) used in our Cucumber Skincare Gel, Vitamin C Skincare Gel, Vitamin E Skincare Gel and the Vitamin ACE collection is synthetically produced using vegetable derived ingredients, therefore, it is not of animal origin.



Q – Are SBC products tested on animals?

A – No SBC products are tested on animals. As of 11th March 2013, a complete and total ban on animal testing for cosmetics was implemented in the EU. It is now illegal to test ingredients and finished products on animals for cosmetic reasons and is also illegal to import ingredients and finished products that are currently being tested on animals for cosmetic reasons. Therefore, you can be certain that none of our SBC product ingredients or finished products are tested on animals.



Q – Can any SBC products vary in colour?

A – The colour of some SBC products may vary in colour from batch to batch. This is due to the natural extracts that are in our products which are sourced from slightly different regions and at different times of the year – This being the case, the final product can vary in colour; it’s a natural phenomenon. Propolis Skincare Gel and Arnica Muscle Soak are two particular products known to vary in colour as per above. However, it is worth noting that the product’s quality is never reduced when colour variation occurs.



Q – Are SBC products safe to use if you suffer with Epilepsy?

A – Whilst all SBC products have been Safety Assessed and are confirmed safe for personal use, we would recommend, for those that suffer with Epilepsy, to visit the website www.epilepsy.com to find out what ingredients in skincare products are safe for them to use.



Q – Should the SBC Facial Shammy be wet straight out of the packet?

A – The SBC Facial Shammy is individually packaged and soaked in water and miscible biocide to keep the sponge sterile prior to use. You may also experience a slight odour when opening it, which is the preserving solution. We always advise that you thoroughly rinse the Shammy with warm water before use. After use, leave the Shammy to dry – you will find that it turns solid. This is nothing to worry about; it is an innovative feature that helps to stop bacteria forming. Machine wash regularly at 40°C.

Q – My Shammy has developed a mould. Is this normal?

A – The cause of mould is either because some of the cleaning product has been left in the sponge and/or the Shammy is kept continually moist.  On all our packaging we recommend that they are very well rinsed and allowed to dry out between uses. The SBC Facial Shammy does need to be machine washed regularly at 40°C.

Q – How big is the Shammy?

A – 22cm x 22cm

Q – Can the Shammy be used to remove Oil based Cleansers?

A – If using our Shammy with an Oil based Cleanser, we recommend using it with a Hydro/Water-soluble Cleansing Oil. However, the most ideal product to use the Shammy with is our Collagen 3-in-1 Cleanser.



Q – Some SBC Skincare Gels are marked with “ionized + & -” on the front of each product; what does this mean?

A – These markings are to indicate that that particular Skincare Gels can be used with a Galvanic machine, which is a piece of equipment that uses negative and positive currents to refine the face and body during a professional treatment. Galvanic machines need conducting gels, which our Skincare Gels were initially designed for. They are ideal as they are “Amphoteric” which means they are both negatively and positively charged, so you do not need to switch between Gels throughout the treatment if you do not wish to do so.

Q – Can I use other Ampoules in a Galvanic treatment, along with SBC Skincare Gels?

A – Yes, our range is very versatile at working with other products, so it should be fine to use these together.



Q – Which SBC product would you recommend for use after Hair Removal?

A – SBC Aloe Vera Skincare Gel is ideal to use after any Hair Removal treatments. With naturally calming properties, this water-based gel will soothe the area and will help to take the heat out of the skin.



Q – Do you products contain ingredients that could cause Cancer?

A – All SBC products have been fully safety assessed by an independent suitably qualified expert to comply with the European Regulations 1223/2009. The assessments are carried out to ensure that all reasonable use and misuse is assessed and that the product is safe to use by consumers and establishments that may have a use for the product.



Q – Can SBC Gels be used with Tanning products?

A – Yes; we’d suggest applying your favourite SBC Skincare Gel as an everyday moisturiser, followed by the tanning product of your choice to add more moisture to the skin and colour the melanin surface to produce a natural tan



Q – Are SBC products natural?

A – We take the best from Mother Nature and the best from Science and combine it into an easily accessible formula for incomparably outstanding results and intensely rejuvenating mind and body therapy.



Q – Can I use other brands with SBC?

A – Absolutely – SBC is very versatile at working with other brands. However, one of the many benefits of our products is that they can be blended with each other thus enabling you to create your own recipe for the ideal skincare regime.



Q – What does the PAO symbol mean on your products and do they have an expiry?

A – Numbers indicated on the bottom on pack are an integral part of the batch code to enable us to manage and control our stock available in our warehouse and is therefore for internal use only; SBC products do not require an expiry date. Information to be considered is the PAO (Period After Opening) indicated on pack; PAO is the period which is how long the consumer has to use the product safely once it has been opened. Usually, SBC products have a PAO of 12 months but please always check the symbol on pack for every product. We recommend storing SBC products out of direct sunlight and away from strong odours.



Q - Are SBC products safe to use during pregnancy?

A – Most of SBC products are safe to use during pregnancy. However, we would recommend you steer clear of any products that contain essential oils for the first trimester, such as the following:

-       Echinacea Collection

-       Lavender Collection

-       Jasmine & Evening Primrose Oil Collection

-       Body Firming Skincare Gel

-       Camphor & Menthol Massage Gel

However, our Cotton Collection has been dermatologically tested and deemed safe to use on babies from 12 weeks old.

Q – Are SBC products safe to use on babies and children?

A – Products intended to be used on children under three years of age should have been tested accordingly. Only our Cotton Collection has been specifically designed and tested for use on babies.  



·       Always read the instructions carefully; including any warnings for use

·       Keeps lids on products when not in use and use the product within the recommended time

·       Avoid storing your products in direct sunlight or near sources of heat. Choose a dry, cool (but not freezing) storage area where possible

·       Never dilute (unless directed to do so by the product instructions)

·       Apply cosmetics with clean hands or an applicator and routinely wash all applicators thoroughly with soap, detergent or a mild shampoo

·       Allow applicators to dry thoroughly before use



Q – Are SBC products suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans?



A – The following SBC collections may contain animal bi-products:

- Collagen Collection - contains Protein 

- Cotton Collection -  contains Milk Protein

- Honey Collection – contains Honey

- Propolis Collection - contains Propolis/Wax

- Manuka Collection - contains Honey

- Foot Collection - contains Propolis/Wax

 However, we would recommend anyone who was unsure to read the full ingredient listing which is clearly labelled on the back of all SBC products and provided for every product on our website (www.sbcgels.co.uk